Don’t Miss What God Is Doing

It is easy today to get caught up in our schedules, life and family that we can miss what God is doing around us. I have two little boys and for anyone that has kids, life gets very busy. The days start quick, usually with me telling one of them to stop doing something, and the days just get filled with moment after moment often trying to keep the house from being destroyed. In all of this it is easy for me to get wrapped up in all the needed tasks that I miss what God is doing around me. It is important to find time to pause and ask God to open my eyes to what He is doing.


In Mark 5:21-43 we have an interesting encounter take place. Jesus is surrounded by a large crowd and was on his way to the house of a synagogue leader name Jairus to heal Jairus’s daughter. Imagine the scene. There is a lot of people. It was loud, crowded and people were expecting Jesus to do something about Jairus’s daughter (he does at the end of the chapter). Jesus was extremely busy with a lot of demands on his time and energy. In the middle of all this we are introduced to a woman who has been bleeding for 12 years (vs. 25). She believed that if she just touched the edge of Jesus’s cloak she would be healed. She does it and Immediately she is healed. Jesus stops what he is doing, stops in the middle of the loud demanding crowd to find this woman. Jesus stopped and didn’t let the busyness of life keep him from speaking to this woman.


There are two things I want to note and challenge us with in this passage. First the woman. Do you see the faith this woman had? She had the faith that Jesus could do the impossible. That nothing was truly impossible for Jesus. Let me ask us: Do we have that kind of faith? Do we truly believe we serve a God that does miracle? A God that can break down walls? A God that heals broken hearts? The impossible is not impossible for God. Do we believe God can do the impossible?


The second thing I want to note is Jesus stopping. It would have been easy for Jesus to keep going with the crowd to Jairus’s house. In fact, it was what everyone expected. However, in the middle of everything going on, Jesus stops, turns and finds the individual woman in need. Do you see the heart Jesus has for people, the individual? Do we see people in this way? We are surrounded by people but often let the busyness of life keep us from stopping and loving them like Jesus.


Let me turn this toward us. Have we allowed the busyness of life to cause you to miss what God is doing around you? We need to learn to open our eyes to the individuals around us and see them through the eyes of Jesus. Are we willing to stop whatever we are doing to love and share Jesus with those around us? This week my challenge for us is to stop, open our eyes and not allow the fast-past moments in life to cause us to miss what God wants to do through you. Let your pray be simple: Jesus open my eyes to what I miss around me. Let me see people through your eyes.


By Daniel Storm