Be Ready

by Daniel Storm

In Mark 13 Jesus gives a strong teaching on end times. There has been much discussion throughout the centuries about this teaching as well as his teaching in Matthew 25. We are often left with this question: what does this mean for me today? Is Jesus coming today?

Without getting wrapped up in the details I just want to challenge us this week with one simple thing: always be ready. In fact, in Matthew 25:1-13 Jesus gives a parable about being ready for his coming. Now this does not mean that we stand outside twenty-four hours a day looking to the sky waiting for Jesus to come, but it does mean we are to live with such purpose and drive that Jesus might come today.

Back to the question: What does that mean for me today, right now? I want to note two things.


  • It should completely change how we live our lives. Why? Everything here is temporary but life with Jesus is eternal. Too often we get wrapped up chasing and living our life for things that don’t even matter in the end. Jesus, both in Mark 13 and Matthew 25, is telling people to wake up. Don’t waste your life wrapped up in things that in the end don’t matter. Rather live each day fully for Jesus knowing that one day he will come back.


  • It should change how we view what is happening around us. Yes, the world is crazy and seems to be getting crazier as the days go on, but don’t let that discourage you. Why? We don’t live for this world and our hope in not in this world. Our ultimate hope isn’t in the perfect government, perfect schools, or even the perfect family. Not that these things wouldn’t be good, but the reality is our hope is in King Jesus who sits upon the throne and who will one day come back to get his own. That means, even if everything seems crazy, Jesus is still in control and will have the last say. Don’t lose hope remember who really sits on the throne.


Therefore, as we read through Matthew 25 and Mark 13 let us not lose focus among the details, let us remember to “be ready”. Always live ready for Jesus to come today. Keep our hearts, minds, and life focus on following Jesus. Yes, hard times will happen and might even get more difficult as the days move forward but do not let that discourage you. Why? Because Jesus is still King and Jesus is coming again soon for his own. The hardship we go through now is only temporary, life with Jesus is forever. I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes by a missionary named Jim Elliott. He stated,

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Elliott believed this so much that he gave up his life alongside four other missionaries (Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Nate Saint, and Pete Fleming) and was killed by the Auca people while trying to reach them with the gospel. They were willing to die because the gospel was more important than their very lives.